Gearing up for one or more new albums

Hello Friends and Fans,

It's been a cold, but productive winter here on the Benderosa, where I've been working diligently on a whole herd of new songs, many of which are in the Country and Americana genres, and a few of which are more alt-rock or folk-rock.

I'm also on the lookout for future bandmates in my area, starting with the drums and bass. The rhythm section is the foundation of a song, whether it's recorded or performed live, and I want to find muscians with the right chemistry. I love the sound that Robert Plant got on his last two albums and I think that percussion can do a lot more than keeping time and laying down the backbeat, although those are tremendously important, too.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. Meanwhile, I hope to see you at 8:00 pm, Monday, March 28, at the Double Door in Chicago. Just $5 gets you a rousing half-hour set with me plus four more acts. It's an Americana extravaganza. 

Till then, cheers,

Ben Sage 




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